The trailer is here!

There it is! Our trailer for Blackguards finally has arrived! If you still don’t know anything about Blackguards, this is our introduction for you.

Video Guide Part 2

We just released the second part of our video guide series! This time the guide goes into more detail than before, showing off all the important things to know about character stats, talents and spells.

Blackguards Mac App Store Release

Blackguards Release engOur Blackguards become Macguards – now at the Mac App Store, too. The Adventure is waiting for you – and your Mac. Start your journey and join the unconventional group of heroes to experience the best strategical RPG of the year.  Aventuria is waiting for you! (more…)

Blackguards Release

ReleaseWe’re very proud to announce that Blackguards’ development has come to a conclusion ahead of schedule.
Thus, we have decided to release the game on Steam without further delay, namingly on January 22th at 5 p.m. CET / 8 a.m. PST – that’s right, it’s today!

Blackguards demo now available

BlackguardsDemoThe demo will include the whole first chapter of Blackguards and will be playable without time limitations. Savegames will be compatible to the full version of the game. (more…)

Blackguards Video Guides

We hope that you had a really smooth start into 2014!
To make your start into the game just as smooth as sliding into a new year, we have prepared a series of video guides for you.